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Klasique Golden Retrievers is situated in Arlington Washington. My home and property consists of 5 acres of Golden Retriever Playground. I am an active member of The Golden Retriever Club Of America, The Evergreen Golden Retriever Club as well as Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue.

I have been showing and breeding dogs for the past 12 years. I have multiple Champions that I have finished myself and also have bred Championship dogs. My Golden Retrievers have proven themselves time and again not only in the show ring, but as wonderful, loving family companions.

My heartfelt Thanks to Tonya Struble of Rush Hill Golden Retrievers for providing me with not only extraordinary beautiful dogs for my breeding program, but who shares her extensive knowledge of dogs and continues to inspire me. My dog show friends who have laughed with me, cried with me and are a wonderful support group

My non-dog friends and family who may not understand my passion for my dogs, at times it may appear to be at the exclusion of humans, but love me anyway.

My Puppy Buyers who have provided immeasurable love and homes for my puppies and have brought me peace of mind knowing they are a well loved part of their family.

My Loving Husband who indulges my every doggy whim. Fences, more fences, kennels, heated grooming room with kennels, puppy palace, puppy play yard, etc.etc.etc.

I breed occasionally producing only 1 to 2 litters per year. I take breeding Golden Retriever Puppies very seriously. Being a responsible breeder of Golden Retrievers means that not only do I abide by the Golden Retriever Club Of America Code Of Ethics in my breeding program, but that I am available for continued support throughout your puppies lifetime.

I pride myself on being one of the Pacific Northwest’s best breeders of not only beautiful, but health and well adjusted puppies that will adapt to any situation and any task being asked of them with the proper continued training. The sire and dam chosen for breeding all have the appropriate Eye, Hip, Elbow and Heart Certifications by Certified Specialists. The extraordinary steps I take in the raising of my Golden Retriever Puppies is to insure that they have stable temperaments, are confident and fearless. An indispensible feature of choosing a Klasique Golden Retiever Puppy is that I will be there to answer questions and continued support throughout your puppies lifetime. I have a vast network of friends, specialists and references, as well s my own experiences on which to draw knowledge of any challenges you may experience in your dogs lifetime.

My belief is that I am ultimately responsible for anything I produce for its entire life. If you are interested in a Klasique Golden Retriever Puppy please see my Litter Page. Complete the questionnaire and return to me.
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