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My New Kreation: Whimsical hand Painted Wine Glasses depicting our world of dogs.

It's Show Time- Depicts the chaos of preparing and getting to the weekend dog shows

Agility Addict- Agility obsticles with fun play on words

Dog Chores- This fun glass portrays the daily chores of taking care of our best friends

Bad Dog- A fun portrayal of those bad dog antics. After one of these days you deserve a glass of wine.

Custom Design Your Own- A VERY Special way to celebrate a Special achievement for your dog or a friends. Dog Win(s) and registered name are displayed on wine glass. Wine Charm displays dogs call name.

Specialty Club Prizes- Who wouldn't want a hand painted wineglass showing everyone your special win. Now that's worth celebrating!

All wine glasses include a wine charm of your design to make your wine glass personal.




Chill-Out Kool Koats - Keep 'em Kool with Attitude!

These cool coats stay cooler than traditional cool coats because I have overlayed the PVA Fabric (Shammy) with a variety of vibrant cotton fabrics. I have chosen my fabric overlays carefully to appeal to a wide range of personal tastes as well as venues. You can choose from the elegant fabrics with glitter , a vibrant batik or perhaps a camo fabric for the working dog. A must for every dog, in every venue, to keep them cool and comfortable!

Professional Handlers currently using my Chill Out Kool Koats are:
Laurie Jordan-Fenner, Kevin Chestnut, Ellen Cottingham, Pam Sage & Randy Shepper, Shea & Tiffany Skinner

Premade with "Cool Sayings" Embroidery $75.00
Special Orders with your choice of fabric, Kennel Name, Monogram or Dogs Name embroidered in metallic thread $85.00

The Koat Tamer

The Koat Tamer is PVA Fabric (Shammy) overlayed with velour terry cloth. The purpose of the Koat Tamer is to use damp adding weight to critical areas of your dogs coat that you wish to keep close to the body. Use on the puppy that has excess rolling, the neckline to produce a smooth finish, the waist line to create more waist, the rear to weigh down waves in the coat, etc.

The approximate measurement is 10" x 45" and rolls up easily to store in your tack box.

All Koat Tamers come with your Kennel Name or Paw Print in the same Vibrant Royal Blue & Royal Purple as my Klasi Kovers.

$45.00 which includes kennel name embroidery.

Hooded Scarf

Whether playing or working this Hooded Scarf is a must to keep you warm and toasty!

My hooded scarf is made using two layers of fleece fabric. The beautiful Golden Retriever Head is embroidered with your Kennel Name above it on the scarf. I guarantee you will not find a warmer solution to outdoor activities or chores than this snuggly fitting hood and scarf.

Comes in a variety of beautiful colors, and is completely reversible! Please email me for availability of colors.

$55.00 includes your Kennel Name and Golden Retriever Head Study.

Kool Mat

FINALLY! A Kool Mat large enough for your dog to stand or lay down on!

Every working dog, whether it be the Conformation Ring, Obedience, Rally, Field or any venue deserves to have a cooling mat to keep cool before, during or after competition.

These mats are made in two sizes, approx. 27x 36 and 27 x 42. The 27 x 36 can be used in crates during travel or for smaller Goldens but I find that the larger mat of 42" is better suited for larger male Goldens and larger breeds. The Kool Mats are made from the same PVA (Shammy Material) as my Koats. As with my Kool Koats, you wet these in cold water, wring out excess water and use to keep your dogs underbelly and pads cool by hydration and cool temperature.


27 x 36 - $50.00
27 x 42 - $60.00

Soft Sided Crates

Soft Sided Crates embroidered with your kennel name and optional Golden Retriever Head Study.

No longer will you lose your crate ring side with all the other crates that all look similar! Please email me for specifics on price depending of the Head Study Chosen, Size Of Kennel Name, Etc.

This embroidery can only be done on the soft sided crates that can be removed from the metal frame.

If order is not local for pick up and delivery, please keep in mind that shipping charges of the soft crate shell to and from me will apply.

Klasi Kovers are fitted covers designed with the show dog enthusiast & dog groomer in mind!

Fitted covers stay in place while blow drying your dog
Dense terry cloth fabric absorbs excess moisture and keeps your table dry
Klasi Kovers keeps your dogs paws free of conditioners and sprays
Custom Embroidery advertises your favorite breed, dog or kennel

Klasi Kovers are also available at 3 C's Pet Supply.



Available in the following sizes and colors
(18 x 30)
(24 x 36)
(24 x 42)
Colors vary - contact us for more information!

Email: KlasiqueGoldens@aol.com



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