Reading Requirements while waiting for your new puppy

Stage 1- Puppies are 3 weeks old - Getting Prepared
Aligning Pet Expectations with Reality
Are You Prepared
Preparing your home For A New Puppy (see attached)
Pet Contract Example

Stage 2- Puppies are 4 weeks old- Health Concern In The Golden Retriever
Pigmentary Uveitis
Early Spay & Neuter
Common Parasites
Heat Stroke In Dogs

Hot Car Safety-

Stage 3- Puppies are 5 weeks old- Ordering to do list
Driving Safely with Your Dog
Order Whole Dog Journal Magazine
Order NuVet Supplement
Purchase all your equipment/toys

Stage 4-Puppies are 6 weeks old
Socializing Your Puppy
Puppy Nipping
Children & Puppies
Children and Puppies 2
Dog Walking Etiquette-

Stage 5- Puppies are 7 weeks old
Study your Happy Puppy Training Kit
Introduction to Other Family Pets
Vet Clinic Etiquette
AKC Registration requirements
Puppy Goes Home

Puppy Buyer Letter