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Thank You for your interest in a Klasique Golden Retriever. We are a small, select kennel that breeds only occasionally. I breed when I wish to produce a dog with which I can compete in the Conformation Ring. The dogs I choose for my breeding program come from the highest stock. They all have OFA certified hips and elbows, clear eyes and heart certifications.

When choosing a sire for breeding purposes I first must look discriminatingly at my dam. I must decide what I would like to improve upon structurally and then look for an appropriate sire that would best complement her. First and foremost in my mind is always temperament, then soundness in body and mind.

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Inquiries for waiting list kindly complete my puppy questionnaire or contact me at 360-403-7901.
My puppies are reared in a family environment in my family room for the first 4-5 weeks. Our puppies and dam’s well being is most important to us and our nearness to them is imperative. I sleep in the family room with Momma and her Babies for the first 2 weeks. From birth I perform “Bio Sensor” or “Super Dog” early neurological stimulation as studied by the US Military. The benefits that researchers found were: Improved Cardiovascular Performance, Stronger Heart Beats, Strong Adrenal Glands, More tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. This early stimulation includes holding puppies in various positions, tickling different parts of their anatomy and Thermal Stimulization.
At 2 weeks I introduce Puppy Sounds CD by Dean Lake as well as all the other sounds associated with a household such as TV, dishes, pots and pans closing doors, vacuum cleaners, etc. My whelping box consists of a baby mobile transformed to provide moving puppy toys above their heads for play and visualization. When the puppies begin toddling they are introduced to the outside of their whelping box to a childs playmat as well as other toys and other textures under foot as in carpet and tile. As the puppies grow, so does their play area. More time is spent outside the whelping box allowing further exploration and stimulations for their minds and bodies. Daily they are introduced to new things including tunnels, ramps, things to crawl through, over and under. This not only provides new textures but also problem solving opportunities.

At 5 weeks, the puppies are moved to a sheltered, heated indoor/outdoor kennel. The inside sleeping area is approximately 4’ x 5’ and outside kennel is 6’ x 10’. For the first few days they have a small area inside to potty but once they learn the ramp to the outside area the potty area inside is eliminated and the puppies quickly differentiate between sleep and potty area. The outside kennel opens up to a full puppy play yard consisting of many toys including tunnels, teeter totter, wobble dish, ramps and a complete gym area to further stimulate the growing puppies.
My puppies are taken out daily to the big dog yard to further explore the woods and their new surroundings. Time spent in the house is continued until the time they go home with you.

By the time your puppy goes home they have experienced a multitude of different challenges, obstacles, textures, people, locations. The measures I take in early socialization and stimulation ensures that each puppy raised here at Klasique Goldens will be confident, self assured puppies that are easier to potty train, crate train and will learn faster.

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