My Sweet Emmy

I awoke from a fitful slumber 
From my eye there spilled a tear.
I reached to my side to touch you, 
But you are no longer near. 

Sweet Emmy, were you watching?
From somewhere up above 
For your children came to my side 
And showered me with their love.

I now look out my window 
Where you once ran and played
And realize that you left yourself
In the pups we together raised.

Boogie has your rich Golden coat, 
Your gentle loving ways.
His soul emits the radiant warmth
Of gentle summer days.

Gypsy has your angelic face
A tad naughty, though, inside.
She pulls some of your old pranks 
As when you ate my apple pies.

Emmy, you brought such happiness 
Our heart and soul you will forever touch
You leave behind such sweet memories
We all miss you so very much
Kasey was my "Momma Girl", my K-Bear and my foundation bitch for Klasique Goldens. She gave me the thrill of my first litter, teaching me the finer art of rearing puppies. She filled our lives with such great happiness and love. Her memory is always with us. I still see her with her "woobie" in her mouth, her children by her side, laying in the cool shade of the evergreens. Darryl always loved the fact that he thought she looked just like Kirby, her Grandfather. 
Brit blessed our lives for 16 years. She was thought to be faster than electricity. Darryl attempted to hunt behind her for the first 10 years! She was our hunting partner, fishing buddy and couch companion.
Charlie was my first golden from a hunting pedigree background. She died of lymphatic cancer at three years of age. She was with us such a short time- but left the HUGE impact of a Goldens loving heart and soul. The space she left and the silence was so great that we knew we were destined to always have Goldens in our lives.
We know that the Rainbow at the Bridge shines brighter accepting Bruiser and his radiant soul.

He was never the show dog that we intended him to be. However, he was the Champions of our Hearts for all that he was.

Perhaps in the beginning I should have named him Baby Huey. He was 90 pounds of gentle goofiness that always insured you knew what he was thinking . Bruiser definitely dominated our lives. Although every book you read says it shouldn't be so, it just felt right. I don't think he was spoiled, he was just smarter than me.

He had a presence to be reckoned with and always made it apparent. He made this quite clear at an early age by ending his show career by stopping in his tracks in the show ring, nearly severing the limb that was at the other end of the lead. Oh the look of surprise and dismay on Al’s face and probably on mine! But as always, Bruiser enjoyed the crowds lighthearted laughter at his antics. Nope- showing was not to be his destiny -that little half-hearted run for no reason did not compute for him. There were much more fun things that he would do in his life.

He had the most animated personality! When you came to visit he would greet you at the door with his low throaty woof muffled by a woobie or ball, thrilled that you had come to see him. He would demand a good butt scratch evidenced by the foot stomping that indicated his pleasure. His gentle but convincing nudge of the head required immediate attention.

He always was able to indicate his happiness. His incessant barking knowing it was dinner time followed by an exuberant plow into his feather bed wiping his mouth and rolling over to flail his feet in total euphoria.

He learned at an early age to jump the fence and then make his presence known at the front door allowing him house entrance when he was bored in the back yard and had not received the required attention needed.

As he grew older when I instructed him it was time to go out he would just lay there. He knew darn well I couldn't possibly move that 90 pound frame and he reveled in that fact.

His greatest passions were fetching the tennis ball, a cool flop in the pool on a warm day displacing all the water within, killing a stuffed toy to get at the squeaky guts, a trip to the river & riding shotgun with Mom. I was unable to leave the house without him running to the door sure it must be “joy ride” time. His favorite time however, was spent as a lap dog in Darryl’s lap in the recliner. This resulted in no greater than a 3 year life expectancy of any recliner owned. The last recliner was a 1 ½ width recliner to accommodate both Bruisers and Dads girth. He was generous enough to share his bed with me, reserving the floor space for those less worthy.

We knew the woof that indicated a hidden treasure was somewhere that I had to help him locate. A dislocated squeaker, a ball put haphazardly on a shelf , a tiny part of a dismembered toy or a cookie not in the cookie jar. Often times I could not find what he was after on first inspection, but he was insistent and in a desperate search I would find what he was after.

We were often asked if he was 100% Golden. No- he was 150% Golden. I am truly convinced it took a Golden of his magnitude to encompass such a huge and loving heart and soul.

Bruiser loved his live and all those who shared it with him. This is just a small insight into the happiness of his life, the joy and smiles he brought us and to all who knew him. We love you and miss you so very much!

My Gentle Giant rest gently in your slumber. Illness no longer plagues you.
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